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Trust Website offer Up to 9% off cheap wow classic gold for Ahn'Qiraj Opening Event Stress

India, Himachal Pradesh, Banjar
Published 1 month ago
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Trust Website offer Up to 9% off cheap wow classic gold for Ahn'Qiraj Opening Event Stress
India, Himachal Pradesh, Banjar,
Published 1 month ago


Since the release of WOW Classic in 2019, it has replicated the experience of The Burning Crusade, retaining all the events included in the original game, but this does not show all of them when WOW Classic was released.

In order to adapt to the arrival of Ahn`Qiraj, WOW Classic will hold a stress test on June 18, so that part of players can experience its content in advance and give feedback to help developers make improvements to the event.

At present, Blizzard is considering a realm to accommodate players participating in the Ahn`Qiraj event stress test, until an hour before the test, players could enter the realm with a valid character and interact with the in-game things.

Blizzard wants to understand the number of players that can be accommodated on the realm through this test, and the technical problems that may be caused.

For Ahn`Qiraj event test, WOW Classic will be optimized in many aspects, including the number of players, buff and debuff updates, player movement, general server-to-client communication as well as spells.

Until now, almost all fans have already guessed that Ahn`Qiraj event test means the door to World of Warcraft Classic Phase 5 is about to open, which would be its core content. During the process, Blizzard intends to attempt the stress test without layering or phasing, the whole realm`s population concentrated on one continent, in order to be able to better detect whether the realm can withstand a huge player base.

Ahn`Qiraj event and Phase 5 of WOW Classic are worth looking forward to. When you are playing, it will definitely make your adventure challenging and not difficult to complete with WOW Classic Gold.

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